Extractos de sabores para bebidas

Beverage flavor extracts can be used for drinks industries, from flavored waters, to energy drinks, to fresh juices, to soda, and ect. Read below introduction to learn more about our food grade beverages flavors extracts and emulsions wholesale program.


Beverage extracts VS beverage emulsions VS beverages flavoring extracts


Lemon Flavor for Beverage

What is beverage extracts?


Beverage extracts are made by placing a raw material in alcohol or water, usually in alcohol, extracting the flavors and aromas from the raw materials into the liquid mixture. Nothing else added to the extract, beverage extract is clear, clean, and fresh, but the concentration is lower than other methods, this means you have to add more than other methods.


what is a beverage emulsion?


Beverage flavor emulsions are oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion, include flavor oils and weighting agents. Beverage emulsion is stronger than extracts, this means emulsion requires less dosage than extract. If your end drinking product does not require transparency, and need cloudy feeling similar to natural juices, go to get beverage emulsion.


What is beverages flavoring extracts?


Beverage flavoring extracts are suitable for all drinks, there are water based and PG based to choose for liquid drinks; if for solid beverages, beverage flavor powder is the best choice, such as coffee powder flavoring.


Flavorings types for drinkings


Natural beverage flavoring

Artificial beverage flavoring


Most popular beverage flavours


Fruit flavors for beverage:






Sweet Orange



White Peach

Passion Fruit




Green Tea

Black Tea

Milk Tea







Mint / peppermint / spearmint



With a large range of flavors in our library and in-house expertise, Royal Mount Flavor are committed to providing the right flavoring taste solutions for beverage industry worldwide. If the flavorings you need are not listed, please contact us to get newest product list.


Beverage flavors applications:


For flavored alcoholic beverage


Beverage flavor and emulsion applicationsBear






For Non-alcoholic drinking



Coffee Syrups & Creamers

Cold Coffee Drinks

Cold or Iced Tea

Hot Coffee & Tea

Tea & Coffee Mixes


Instand Beverage:

Instand Powder drinks


Chocolate Beverage:

Cocoa & Malt Drinks

Chocolate Drinks

Soft Drinks & Juices

Carbonated drinks


Sports & Energy Beverages


Concentrates & Cordials

Flavored waters


Fruit Drinks


Protein drinks


Electrolyte drinks

Beverage syrups



All flavors can be applied to regular, reduced-sugar and sugar-free beverages.If there are another applications not listed here, please contact us, our flavor experts will understand what you need, and recommend the correct flavor to you.


Properties of Royal Mount Flavor flavourings for beverages


Highly heat/cold stable

Suspended in a water or PG base

Stronger and more concentrated than other flavoring methods

Free of additional salt and sugar

More stability taste of your products


How much flavor should I use in my beverage?


Royal Mount Flavor supplies concentrated flavors. About 0.06%~0.12% needed in soft drinkings; about 1%~2% flavoring powder needed in solid drinkings. And there are double, triple or more stronger flavors to choose from too.


Contact us for more information about dosage for different niche marketing.


How do I custom a unique flavor for my beverage business?


Tell us below information, you will get what you need:


1.What flavor do you need?

E.g. apple, vanilla, milk, chocolate, etc


2. Tell us more about your flavor application

E.g. coffees, teas, bears, etc


3.Type of flavor

Natural or artificial or mixed


4. Flavor format

Powder or liquid


5.Base type for drinking flavor

Water base, or PG base, or emulsion, if you need other base type, please tell us more about your end product.


6.What should it be tasted like?


If you want to custom a unique taste, please tell us how to adjust it after receiving the samples, our flavorist will adjust it exactly according to your expectations.


We will help you with 100% support to create a collection of unique flavoring that can set you apart from the beverage market competition. Please fill out the form below to ask for more information or get free samples, we will response within 24 hours on working day.


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